Greenmotions Filmfestival – Call for entries 201


It is time to submit! The Greenmotions Film Festival is looking for positive, constructive and solution-oriented films about sustainability and environmental issues for our 6th edition! Surprise us with your ideas and submit your work to Greenmotions Film Festival until 30st June 2019. 

Greenmotions Film Festival invites you to show your solutions, concerning sustainable living: What do we eat? How do we invest our savings? What kind of clothes do we wear? How do we heat our homes? How do we travel? And everything that in your opinion affect the environment and hence also our society. 

With the presentation of solution-oriented, constructive and positive films, we aim to empower the audience to take active participation in the transition to more sustainable living. 

This year our festival will take place on November 14 – 17, in our home location Freiburg in Breisgau in southern Germany, famous to be a role model for a sustainable way of living . Inspiring documentaries and feature movies will be shown at the festival weekend along with the best short films of our international short film competition. Furthermore, bicycle cinema will be organized in schools where the students will provide power to run the projector for the films by paddling their bikes and olds and youngs will pedal to the rhythm of electronic music in order to power the speakers of our bicycle disco! 

This year, our special prize is dedicated to “Green Growth or Degrowth?”: Is greening the economy via technological advancements without disturbing the current cultural structures going to save the humankind? Or do we need to have a deeper structural change by changing the direction of the economic growth? 

Our rules to participate: 
• Positive, solution-oriented films about sustainability 
• Short films: up to 20 minutes, long feature movies: 20-120 minutes 
• Deadline 30 June,2019 
• All genres related to the theme are accepted 
• Completed after 31st December 2017 
• Prizes amounting up to 3000 € (Jury prize for short films, audience award, special prize for films about “Green Growth or Degrowth?”) 

Please review our Terms and Conditions for more details on the rules for submission. 

Submission via Website (free): 

More information about the festival: